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Net I.D. Take-home final MGNT 4670 Summer 2016
Instructions: Answer the questions indicated below.

SHORT ANSWERS (worth 6 points each, short answers, length will vary somewhat from question to question but answers should be a minimum 6-8 sentences). Write responses which demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts of the course on the subjects indicated.

• Describe the four benefits of global expansion for firms who do venture in to the global market. In your answer, explain how each of these benefits may not be available to those companies who limit their activity to the domestic market.

• What are the four basic strategies that firms use to compete in international markets? Under what conditions is each strategy most appropriate? In the longer term, which strategies are the least viable? Explain why.

• Explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover as a decision in the timing of entry into a foreign market.

• In the past twenty years, the number of Foreign Direct Investments through mergers and acquisitions has increased significantly. Describe the advantages and disadvantages associated with this type of entry strategy? How can the disadvantages or risks of FDI by merger/acquisition be reduced?

• Discuss the relationship between quality and costs as a strategic objective of global production and logistics.

• How does the type and characteristics of technology a firm uses affect its decision of where to locate production?

• Explain how the role of foreign factories evolves over time.

• How do different levels of economic development in countries influence product decisions in an international marketing strategy which targets multiple foreign markets?

• What are the three factors that contribute to the trend toward greater retail concentration in developed countries? How have these factors promoted retail concentration?

• What the critical variables which affect the effectiveness of a firm’s international communications? Identify why and how advertising and promotional strategies might vary among countries because of these variables.

• ESSAY QUESTIONS worth 20 points each. Choose 2 (two) essay questions of the three scenario questions listed below, (minimum two paragraphs per scenario). Each of these questions presents real-life situations. Ask yourself how you would manage these scenarios if you were in charge and had to make the decisions. Use the material and concepts we have studied throughout the entire class to guide and support your decisions, but apply the material and concepts to the specific facts you are given.
. Scenario#1 You are an International Marketing consultant. You have been hired by a small company, Popper’s Ltd., which specializes in high quality microwave gourmet popcorn featuring different and unique seasonings, such as nacho cheese, seaweed, and cinnamon crunch. The popcorn is certified in North America as being “Organic” [no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides used during production of the popcorn]. This company has been highly successful in the North American market (Canada, U.S., Mexico) and would like to begin to export its products to other countries. The popcorn is packaged in boxes of 5 microwave packets each and promoted heavily on television and internet featuring advertisements of people watching sporting events on television eating the Popper’s popcorn.
You are asked to evaluate the marketing mix provide advice on the following:
a) What specific recommendations would you give to the company about adaptations/modifications which may have to be made to the product attributes [organic, microwave gourmet popcorn] in order to satisfy international market requirements? What other considerations regarding the “Product” element of the marketing mix should Popper’s take into account in preparing to sell their product in the international market?
b) Should Popper’s apply a global standardized Communications program, using the same advertisements as they do in the U.S.? If yes, why? If no, why not? If no, what recommendations would you make to adapt their program to the international marketplace?
c) What type of promotion program— push and/or pull– would you recommend? Why would you recommend this type of program? Briefly describe what you would include in your promotion program.
Scenario #2 You are the Vice-President for International Development of a small U.S. pharmaceutical company (located in Emeryville, California) which specializes in the development of new medical vaccines using unique biotechnological know-how. Until now, the company has only achieved small successes in limited international markets. Recently, however, the company developed a vaccine to protect humans against the Zika virus. According to the World Health Organization, this virus has already been identified in Central and South America, and parts of Asia; in these areas the need for a vaccine is urgent and immediate. The virus is starting to appear in North America and Oceania/Pacific Islands where cases are being reported in people who had travelled to Zika-bearing mosquito areas. The company has limited manufacturing capability; if the Zika virus reaches epidemic proportions in Central and South America, it will not have the capability to supply large enough quantities to meet demand. The company wants to determine the best way it should supply the markets and which entry strategy it should use in various regions. The possibilities are numerous:
• Manufacture the product at home and export
• License the formula out to a company or companies already established in affected regions
• Enter into a strategic alliance with a large pharmaceutical company and establish a 50/50 joint venture company which would manufacture and market the product
• Establish wholly owned subsidiaries in the affected areas
• Another alternative or combination of alternatives you might identify.

As the Vice-President, you must make some strategic decisions:
a) Which entry mode or modes (entry strategy/strategies) would you use to supply Central and South America and affected areas in Asia?
b) Why would you choose this strategy or strategies instead of the other alternatives? Explain what the advantages are of the entry more or modes you are recommending and what the disadvantages of the other modes are.
c) What entry mode would you use in those regions where Zika is not yet a major threat and demand is not as urgent? Why would you recommend this entry mode or modes?
Scenario#3 You are the CEO of a chemical company that produces sulfuric acid, an acid that is used as an input in a wide variety of industrial products. The company has a good reputation in the U.S. and has started venturing out successfully into the international market by exporting minimal quantities to Asia and South America. The product is a commodity so there is intense competition on price. The product has a low value to weight ratio and trade barriers are moderate but there is an expectation that they will increase. A manufacturing plant costs about $20 million to build and requires a moderately skilled workforce. Your current plant can supply the U.S. market and some volume of export business but will need to be enlarged or supplemented by additional plant capacity or new plants in order to keep up with demand. The total value of the world market is expected to reach $20-30 billion. As the CEO, you must make some decisions:
a) Based on the above, which of the four basic strategies in international business do you think your company should pursue? Why would you make this choice to organize and align your company to this particular strategy?
b) Should your company follow a plan of concentrated manufacturing or decentralized manufacturing? Explain why.
c) What types of factors would you look for when you are deciding on a location or locations for the company’s plant or plants?

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For the purposes of this discussion, utilize the company Luxottica which is an optics manufacturing company.

In your main discussion post, introduce your potential business opportunity or chosen company (already established or new). Describe the general industry and market domain of the business opportunity or company. In doing this, here are some directions to guide your answer:

•Describe the purpose of your company, its reason for existence in the marketplace, and other general information about the organization, operations, marketing, finance, and technology.

•Discuss some of the key factors of the market domain that you discovered in your research that affect your company.

•Discuss briefly how these factors affect the marketplace and impact your company (these key factors should represent a variety of factors and not just one source, such as technology or changes in supply of natural resources).
For additional details, please refer to the attachments

Please compose a 2-3 paragraph response as identified above.
Follow the rubric requirements (attached).
Sources must be cited with APA format.
Plagiarism is unacceptable. Must be less than 20% copied from source.

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Prepare a two-to-three-page double-spaced report addressing items covered in Nike’s 10-K. Your report should cover the following:
Does Nike, Inc. allow for bad debt? If so, what do they consider in determining the amount to allow? If not, what is the reason they do not allow something?
What items may be included in “Cash and Cash Equivalents?”
How are the inventories valued for Nike, Inc.? Evaluate if they use more than one valuation. If so, please identify all methods.
Does Nike, Inc. classify all of their Accounts Receivable as current? If not, how do they determine whether it is current or not? If yes, why?
Are any of their Current Assets increasing when compared to the prior year? Why?
Which Current Asset makes up the biggest percentage of Current Assets? Evaluate if this is what you would expect.

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Prior to engaging in this discussion, read Chapter 5 in your text, watch the Peter Attia: Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?video, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance.

For this discussion, please reference the information in the SOC313 Family Document. Lila Miller Goldberg is a 45-year-old diabetic. Since her pregnancy years ago, she has had difficulty losing weight.  She has Type II insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), and has been symptomatic for more than 10 years.  She has been resistant about changing her diet and has been inconsistent with treatment, despite her health.  She always hated her mother Ella’s fixation on nutrition while she was growing up, the different diets she tried, and the “weird meals” she prepared.  She prefers quick and easy convenience foods, such as fast food and frozen meals.  After all, she is a busy working mom! She has never liked to exercise and, with the pain that has developed in her feet, it is physically too difficult.

Analyze and discuss the relationship between Lila’s environment growing up, her physiology, and her attitudes and behaviors.  Use the following questions to guide your explanation, and be certain to apply basic medical terminology as appropriate.

  • How might Lila’s condition affect her thinking, her relationships, and social situations? In what ways might these factors worsen her condition?
  • How has Lila’s aversion to her mother’s dietary fanaticism while she was growing up affected her choices and, as a result, her health?
  • How might Lila’s condition of being overweight affect her relationships?
  • How might others in Lila’s family and community view her, and how might this affect how she views herself?
  • What do you believe are Lila’s options at this time? Explain your choices.
  • If you were Lila’s close friend, how might you counsel her based upon your understanding of the
  • Biopsychosocial aspects related to her circumstances? Provide a statement from at least one of the required and/or recommended resources that supports your reasoning.

Guided Response: Read several of your classmates’ posts and respond to two of your peers.  Since there are many different perspectives on health and managing a variety of conditions, look for posts from classmates containing perspectives that are different from your own. Comment specifically on what insights you might gain and what you might learn from your classmates’ points of view. Was there anything in your classmates’ posts that surprised you? If you disagree with your classmates’ viewpoints, be certain to respectfully share evidence from scholarly research that supports your perspective. Cite any references in APA style as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center.

Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.


Prior to engaging in this discussion, read Chapter 6 in your text, watch the Noel Bairey Merz: The Single Biggest Health Threat Women Face and the Go Red for Women Presents: ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’videos, and review the Instructor Guidance.
Analyze the new research indicating that heart disease may affect females more than males and comment upon how gender impacts our behaviors related to disease. How has the fact that most prior research has studied heart disease in males changed the ways in which women perceive the risks of heart disease and heart attacks? Considering the videos, using Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model, what sociocultural beliefs contribute to the increased risk for heart attacks in women? Provide a statement from at least one of the required and/or recommended resources that supports your reasoning.
Guided Response: Read several of your classmates’ posts and respond to two of your peers. Comment upon some of the differences you found in your classmate’s post. What specific sociocultural beliefs did they describe with which you may have had personal experience? If you or someone in your life were to suffer a heart attack or be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, how might your opinions differ? Would your gender (or the gender of the person in your life) make a difference in how you would react and/or change your mind? Why, or why not?
Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.


1. What is the main idea of this article?

2. Provide one comment from or critical observation about the article that supports your assertion about the article’s main idea. In other words, how do you know this is the main idea?

3. Compose one question/comment about the article that will help facilitate our class discussion.


Review the assignment instructions for your Final Paper found in Week Five of your online course. The first half of this assignment will be a thorough outline of your Final Paper, which you will build on to complete the final assignment. Provide a detailed introductory paragraph that summarizes your topic and includes a succinct thesis statement. Outline each of the topics and subtopics and discuss how they pertain to the questions noted in the instructions.
The second half of this assignment is an annotated bibliography for five scholarly sources. For each source, provide a complete reference in APA format, a brief description, and a rational statement that explains how it is pertinent to your paper and supports your findings.
For assistance with creating your outline, see the Outline Form page on the Ashford Writing Center website. In addition, here is an outline specifically for this assignment. This link is a video that teaches you how to create an annotated bibliography. For assistance with creating your annotated bibliography, see the Annotated Bibliography Example from the Ashford Writing Center.
Writing the Final Paper Outline and Annotated Bibliography

This assignment:
Must be four to five double-spaced pages in length, not including title and reference pages, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Must include a title page with the following:
Title of paper
Student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted
Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
Must include all the required topics and subtopics from the Final Paper requirements. Each section must include four to five sentences to explain initial thoughts on the subtopic.
Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
Must use five scholarly sources, in addition to the text (six total). Three of the sources must be from the Ashford University Library.
Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Must include an annotated reference page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.